My New Novel, Love War and Ramifications now out

11 Mar

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Dear All

Thank you for all the love shown so far.

After an year long efforts put into research for my next plot, i hereby present you my second novel, Love War and Ramifications. 

I hope you will like the read as much as i enjoyed creating the story set in 1961. A simple story of a 24 year old woman in search of love who runs into a mysterious man of dark past. The plot is more in the lines of romantic suspense, with a surprise sprung on to the reader at the end.


Joanna Roberto, hailing from an upper working class of a Goan Catholic family worked at an art gallery and lived a dreary and hopeless life. In the year 1961, when the armies of India and Portugal were fighting to acquire Goa, Joanna’s life was caught between her ailing heart and a new found love. Joanna was busy seeking answers to questions about her inner turmoil when she runs into Edward, a wounded soldier with a charming demeanor and an unknown past. Decoding an exciting relationship that gave her a possible chance to new life, little did she know that there was a mysterious figure lurking in Edward’s life, waiting to pounce on her to take away everything, one more time.

Will Joanna manage to make it to her destiny, battling with love, war and unforeseen ramifications?

Love War and Ramifications now available as

United States PAPER BACK-

India and Worldwide eBook –


Much Ado About ‘V’

4 Sep


Sometimes, you are just compelled to talk about it. Out of your comfort zone. Life getting hectic with both work and writing did not stop me from noticing the content that is now trending on Google. From Jennifer Lawrence’s sex drive to leaking nude pictures online, substantial efforts have been taken by global Janta to bombard the topic way out of proportion. Some of us make money with the websites online and this is definitely a smart measure to kill the competition. However, i am constantly amazed at how low we can stoop for extra peeps and bucks.

The concept of V…oops. i’m sorry i cant say it but i will – Virginity, Vagina etc etc..holds an exciting forum all over the world, People cant wait to discuss somebody’s vagina proactively when given a chance. Being a woman in mid 30 s, i can tell you one thing for sure. There’s more to V than what you think there is. 

This is not a recreational spot, people. A lot goes on with a vagina other than copulation. Babies are made, period pains are endured, cysts and fibroids are formed that sometime turn into dangerous cancer cells. Vagina also endures labor pains, cramps from a forceful rape, endometriosis, inflammation and internal bleeding. A vagina also goes through blues, with a plethora of hormonal shifts that only women understand  While the celebrity V enjoys the status of being the most wanted, it is also the foundation for continuing the race of a family. It is the holy ground and a matter of both tolerance and shame. 

Losing virginity and the related discussion over the decades is such a cliche that i’m not even motivated to write about it, be it early in the morning or after a two drink minimum. That part will not change and i shall rest my case.

In a civilized world, there are no filters except setting some of them on our own. Perhaps, we all should do a reality check before creating social media pages and whatsapp groups out of the Vagina & Co. 

A woman has rights over her both Vs, and the world will continue to sell and buy someone’s V without consent, without limits and an absolute zero perspective. What really matters would be seeing more than little, in the way it has to be seen!

Let the wisdom dawn on the ‘warlords’ who claim their virtual cheap stakes online. Amen.


Deepa Balasubramanian

(The blogger is an Author in Indian Fiction, Copywriter, Content Writer and a Screenwriter in Tamil Film Industry)

Good girls gone Bad!!

15 Mar

Miranda Hobbs

Miranda Hobbs, a super successful lawyer who graduates straight out of Harvard, goes on to become an attorney, then a partner, and then a single mom out of a mere accident, ‘mercy sleeping’ with her ex boyfriend Steve, to prove a point that he is still hot despite losing a testicle to cancer. This outrageously cynical character from the Sex and The City series epitomizes the present generation of women in powerful roles in the society, and their fathomable deficiencies in the matters of heart and relationships. Miranda Hobbs may be next only to the most celebrated characters Carrie the writer and Samantha the PR Head, but Miranda proves a point alright.

Yes, this is the American Television i’m talking about, yes, this culture is still a taboo in an Indian Civilization, and yes, these people still exist and yes, they are not very ‘celebrated’ in real life as compared to that of reel. We have many Mirandas in India; Single or married but single women in powerful positions, yet gone totally powerless in the matters of sentiments. Most of these women are not deprived – these women are not interested in serious relationships as they find it time consuming, exhausting, ‘loaded with emotional cry’ and an expense expended with no reason. They have four blockers to prepare, a client deal to close, a set up to acquire or a best seller to finish. Love, definitely, looks underrated in the midst of tight deadlines and oncoming takeovers in the mean world of men. And why not? isn’t that what men do as well?

The ideal set up in an Indian Civilization for a woman in the current means the following – study all you want, work till you are 25 maybe, explore whatever you need to, and then, please bend your head in matrimony. The realistic situation, on the other hand, is the growing number of powerful women with high profile jobs, expensive sedans, condos and active sex life. The women still have roots attached to the traditional ever existing nags from their families on the choice of life made to that of the more ‘comfortable’ one – a husband who may or may not waver, pregnancy and childbirth that will demand a sabbatical or a complete goodbye to careers, and reckless depressive choices made upon being left as neglected spouses. Why? Our mothers and grandmas have been dealing with cheating husbands, myriad partners and suppressed life, then so can we – but the most of us have chosen not to.

While the married life with compromises looks as ‘promising’ as it does with many sacrifices and less comforts, so does a life laden with independence and a great lifestyle with no strings attached. The only set back – societal acceptance which is slowly coming to terms and the women who have forgotten ’emotions’ for the lack of time.

We belong to the likes of Sitas, Anasuyas and Draupadis – but we have come off age. The expectations that have been exorbitantly placed on Indian ‘Naaris’ are brutally crushed by these powerful women who will wear a tie and kick some asses in the board rooms. The need to express love has been pushed back and the urge to rule has crept in – I don’t see why this choice should NOT be respected in the changing world.

The thing is, we women have stopped living in denial and started acting in defiance – if that includes lifestyle changes and culture shock – so be it. After all, it was the society and the careless men in our lives have driven us to do it, the tears shed in disappointments and heartbreaks would have led us to step over and step on to move ahead – while the West is celebrating the equality of sex, we shall go ahead and set the benchmarks.

And in the course of all this, if love COMES as it was promised by men over the decades, well…we will think about it..after this conference call please!!

Deepa Balasubramanian

(The blogger is an Author in Indian Fiction, Copywriter, Content Writer and a Screenwriter in Tamil Film Industry)

The ‘leaving’ train!!

9 Mar

“My train is leaving, Deepa..and i have to find someone before that happens” says a 33 year old friend of mine, on the verge of making peace with her past and moving on to the unknown called future.

I have often misconstrued the message of love being constantly coded and decoded – something that most of us do, at various phases of our lives. Love is a phrase that starts from being affectionate, turns a corner to becoming adolescent cute, maritally complete, parental fulfillment and finally, familiarly ‘ugly’ – to most of us. The feeling then transcends to the other forms of ‘denial’, ‘acceptance’, ‘working it out’ and the classy ‘it would be the same either which ways’.


Either which ways – they say, the phrase refers to seeking companionship coupled with comfort and peace. My friend is one of the many who had battled a painful separation from her ex spouse. Like most of those who are ambitious, career driven and domestically complacent, she made a certain choice in the form of a life partner that quite, unfortunately did not work out as planned. The plans these days turn south on the counts of 8 to 10, and the odds are that most of us, will still make it. However, astonishment dawns on me about the present day women – talented, super human and never say die. The women in power and in charge of their lives, do still fear missing that train.

So what if the man did not come and there was no restoration of damage – caused partly by the imbibed societal values and pressures, and caused partly by self loathing and inner demons – we all live in the difficult times in the name of fairer sex. The times where no amount of blind trust or casual affairs or one time flings with one man help cope the pain rendered by another man. Ironically, they were all men, the men who we count on to reach out to us in time – where there is no fear of boarding the wrong coach or languish missing the ‘possibility’ of a right one.

We have single women hitting it late, single mothers, we have divorced parents, we have parents who try to live in to build a happier nest for their young ones. We also have married but childless women who resort to options other than seeking bliss through the right path – quite out of recklessness and nothing more. And then there is this category called home wrecks – the circumstantial outcomes of their own bad marriages and relationships, who like viruses, infect the other happy homes just because they like to go down the history as the ‘wrecking’ Marys of Oz.

Our women go on to chair the boards of a corporate giant, raise their voice against the social evils, pen a best seller, fight for justice inside a courtroom – but the ‘leaving train’ scares the forefathers out of us after hitting the mid thirties.

In the troubled times where we have all these powerful women all capable of bringing down a Troy, caught in wrong situations and burdened with expectations for ‘normalcy’, where is the solace to be called a woman to celebrate about. We so need to fight this war, win this battle and set an example, while on the other hand, we make a great progress with professions and technology. I do not want to remotely even connect with our mothers and grandmothers anymore. I do not care as to how they did it. The thing is – we are not able to, no matter what.

The panic of being trapped in a wrong train continues and the ones of it fear the possibility of missing to board the next. Well, as we continue to struggle repressing our desires, passions, dreams and succumb to live robotic, raise our children, make more men for the Nation and throw away health, we will all strive to hope for a better tomorrow – free of domestic assaults, rapes, spousal neglect and declining self esteem.

We are a nation of strong willed, head high women, sinking deep inside despite the progress elsewhere. The train will leave us any minute and we shall mentally tune ourselves to stay back.

Now, what did they say about women who do not mix with machinery?

Deepa Balasubramanian

(The blogger is an Author in Indian Fiction, Copywriter, Content Writer and a Screenwriter in Tamil Film Industry)

‘Social’ Rapists, failing society!!

15 Oct

Again! too long away from my beloved space. But I’m pertinently drawn back to here every time a hard hitting truth dawns over me. I happened to witness a man give away a speech on a regional television channel last night. He is called Power Star in this part of the World called Telugu land (I’m not yet sure how to phrase my land anymore, thanks to the political divide rampant). He stands tall on the podium, draws thousands of fans and viewers to his attention with his powerful charm. I was however, not caught with all that, despite the fact that I love his personality equally as much as many others do. A few words that slipped his mouth immediately dragged my thoughts over – “A society that disrespects women does not exist for too long”, he stated, while stating all the other things. He might have inferred this to the social crime which is waging atrocities on women in the Country, or he would have said it out of his many principles. I started wondering about men who abuse and rape. Evidently, there are two kinds of rapists – sexual and social.

While we are pretty aware of the first category, the second category forms the unfortunate section of the majority in a civilized world. The Social Rapists can be defined as a bunch of ‘masculine’ individuals who degrade women socially – talking crass and spreading unwanted rumors form the major line of duties to these individuals. These rapists are well brought up, educated, well mannered and groomed, hailing mostly from ‘good’ families. Agreed – talking crass is nothing new in a civilized society. Men and women do it in equal measure against each other, or within themselves. But the trends show an amazing variation in an ever evolving society. So, what are those trends?

Women are always destined to be treated as ‘less formidable individuals’ – be it their personal upbringing, a professional hazard or just being popular for their many talents. Starting from Sita to Draupadi to Anasuya till the ongoing ruling modern women in this land of ‘culture’, the fairer sex has been continuously tested, criticized, harassed and challenged. Women strive to prove themselves from then till now, that they are no lesser than their male counterparts in any field. Women who are known or unknown have a rightful choice to have a ‘personal’ space that contains their favorite people or things or persuasion – just like men. Erstwhile are the days when the fairer sex was oppressed from the freedom of expression. However, while doing so, why is the fairer sex being ‘socially’ degraded on an ongoing basis? This act may or may not have a personal vendetta, may or may not involve another woman and may or may not spurt out of mere jealousy. So why is the practice so perfect that prominent?

In the ‘civilized’ world where ethics can never be inbuilt, how necessary does it become to stop practicing Social Rape against inspired women? The men and women who indulge in this ‘crass mouthing’ as a hobby, do they need a rehabilitation to re-establish themselves as human beings again? From a road side romeo who is psychotically obsessed with a girl and throws acid on her face to an elite businessman who talks crap over one too many drinks about a woman with progress or beauty, how far have we come to being called civilized?

So, when Pawan said those words, my heart leapt to one deadly conclusion – we are a failing society. We are headed to falling ethics and decency in behaviour. We are failing as a society to respect each other. So we are headed to destruction. Maybe, it is indeed time to look into ourselves before we start raping someone socially. Maybe, Power Star said that for more reasons than one. If this is ‘Pawanism’, then i better follow it!

Deepa Balasubramanian

(The blogger is an Author in Indian Fiction, Copywriter, Content Writer and a Screenwriter in Tamil Film Industry)

When ‘Molls’ became ‘Mothers’..

2 Aug


Sometimes, interesting statements made by celeb personalities compel us to write – especially if that personality is a well-known columnist and socialite. When the lady, who is known to flaunt the page three sections in a newspaper daily, successfully juggling between raising her children and engaging in harmless flirtations with men, goes overboard – she is ready to make statements, indulging in some seemingly controversial views on yesteryear bombshells now vanishing to become unknown regulars with commitment to families and children.

I’m constantly amazed at the way Ms ‘X’ targets the glamour women on a daily basis – ranging from young actresses (who went ballistic about her comments on them on a National television) to the retired actresses and vamps who have resorted to a quiet life for personal reasons. With all due respect to ‘freedom’ of speech and her thought process, it kind of occurred to me – are we really the women who behave like jealous countries when it comes to targeting each other in media? Is that why men engage in some real jest on us in social circles and over private drinks?

I am not sure if the comments made on once a yesteryear actress aka bombshell aka mistress who dated a gangster are due to personal vendetta, but it really intrigues me in more ways than one to conjure up one deadly question – Are we women not entitled to some life changing choices? Be it the celluloid or corporates, women have been typecast by men and society, especially when successful. The unsuccessful lot, including the ‘good’ women with no career and lot of complaints, manage to somehow gang up and taunt at their better doing species. I know few friends who are important and socially connected, but still doing the better cause for society.  Often than not, are once successful managers and once sexy vixens never entitled to a sabbatical by choice?

Juggling between the roles and societal pressures, women are expected to be multitasking all the time. Bitching in between comes as a part of package to most of us. It amazes to analyse the behaviour trend from the peers and community as such, every now and then, when a once career oriented senior manager in HR takes a long hiatus to raise her children; a once seductress on screen with many lovers and a gangster boyfriend chooses to retire from being ‘wanted’ to being ‘really wanted’. The HR manager and the seductress – both were once either doing a four blocker or enthralling the audience- they are now shopping for groceries in a nearby store to cook their folks a good family meal. Why is this looked upon as a social shock by one and all?

The trends in the glam world have always been the usual – a girl makes an entrée into the industry, gets popular and works with all the top heroes, dates many, gets heartbroken and finally marries the ‘one’ – the guy could be a businessman with a private jet, hot hunk ruling the ‘wood’ or a baldy wielding the megaphone. These beauties have a great flexibility to appear in ad commercials, once their children start walking from crawling. They suddenly become the ‘calculative’ judges, scoring points for participants in a dance show, or they would do a controversial photo-shoot for a popular mag. Some of them resort to direction and art. The outcome for the ex-lady managers in the corporates, on the other hand, would be a little different – these lesser mortals will be forced to work in a less qualified role after a sabbatical – clearly ‘this’ industry is different from ‘that’ one, with few choices and many ironies. Yet, the wonder women take in the heat and go with the flow.

All in all, I cannot help but wonder, why the expectations are sky high on women in every sphere, pushing them to perform and be a gullible jury when they are done showing their curves and settle down in a sari. From the curves to children to complaints, the ride is always rough for everyone in this fair race, with or without assumptions.

Why are these ‘divas’ subject to this unfair interrogation? Pun Intended.

Deepa Balasubramanian

(The blogger is an Author in Indian Fiction, Copywriter, Content Writer and a Screenwriter in Tamil Film Industry)

A brief rendezvous with solace..

13 Jul

There are few destinations one wants to reach for comfort. And there are those one wants to just sink in and experience it alive. The coolness in the mountains, fresh soothing breeze from the eucalyptus, aroma of Chai from somewhere near, breathtaking landscapes of the Nilgiris and homemade chocolates everywhere..Ooty is never just a ‘beat the heat’ or a ‘honeymoon’ destination. It is a small heavenly town that houses few blessed residents who are so close to the nature.

While writing takes me places within my own head, I decided to take a short breather and travel over to Udhagamandalam. A great fan of nature and also history, I saw Ooty to be more than what they say to the tourists – a hill station and a shooting spot. Hill station it is, but more than anything, this place houses generations and generations of history in the form of British architecture that was built in schools, hospitals, collector office, roads. The British while still ruling us took a fond regards for this little town and did it up so well that we fall short of words or admiration.

Image A pretty line of houses on the hill

The origin of the name Udhagamandalam is obscure. The first mention of the place occurs in a letter of March 1821 to the Madras Gazette by an unknown correspondent as Wotokymund In early times it was called OttaikalMandu “mund” is the Tamil word for a Toda village, and the first part is probably a corruption of the local name for the central region of the Nilgiri Plateau. Another likely origin of the stem of the name (Ootaca) comes from the local language where Otha-Cal literally means Single Stone. This is perhaps a reference to a sacred stone revered by the local Toda people. The name probably changed under British rule from Udhagamandalam to Ootacamund, later shortened to Ooty.

I was constantly mesmerized at the serenity of the hill top. Ooty has such lovely churches built all over the place; they scream ancient heritage and Catholic beliefs. I would walk my way up the hill from where I lived everyday to make it to Charring Cross, the central part of town that was inhabited by shops and markets. People here love enjoying the evenings with family and friends, social life mostly confined to closed circles. 


The lifestyle and food is mostly South Indian, with most of them taking a definite favorite to sea food and meat. Tea is most sipped here, and is included in the daily intake quite often, thanks to the chill. Residents here love interacting with outsiders and are friendly and accommodating. Contrary to the thought that much of the local economy is now dominated by tourism, Ooty is still a supply base and market town for the surrounding area which is still largely dependent on agriculture, notably the cultivation of “English Vegetables” and “English Fruits” grown locally.

                                                                             Trinity Church, Avalanche

Image Way to Charring Cross

Ooty is well connected by good roads. It is 535 km from Chennai (via Salem, Erode, Coimbatore), 80 km from Coimbatore, 18 km from Coonoor, 155 km from Mysore (via Gudalur), 187 km from Kozhikode, 290 km from Bangalore (via Mysore), 281 km from Kochi (via Coimbatore and Palakkad), 236 km from Kodaikanal (via Coimbatore and Palani). Ooty is situated on National Highway NH 67. It is connected by road to travelers from the states of Tamil NaduKerala and Karnataka via the five main accepted Nilgiri Ghat Roads. There is also a road from Mettupalayam(Coimbatore) to Ooty via Kotagiri. This road does not pass through Coonoor town.

Image A 400 year old eucalyptus in Pykara

As they say, sometimes it s all about the destination and not the journey. For me, it has been one great journey with a destination called Ooty. 

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